What We Do

We apply our highly developed abilities to a process of design, fabrication,
and installation that results in beautiful, lasting products for your commercial space.

First impressions can be made quickly based on what you see.  Whether it is the richness and color of wood paneling and trims, the sleek lines of your casework and countertops, these details collectively highlight certain characteristics associated with your space. They can reflect elegance, professionalism, warmth, or old-world charm.

The design and layout of your millwork can convey something about the qualities that make your space stand out. Because every detail matters, you need to work with experienced professionals who will give your commercial space the right look.

Along with a beautiful and professional appearance, it’s important to consider functionality. Your millwork and casework need to help you optimize and enhance the use of your space and should be built to last. Working with precision and a keen attention to detail, we create and install a variety of millwork, casework, and countertops. Our work will add distinction to your commercial space while also serving important aesthetic and practical purposes.


Design Development


Conceptual Estimating/Value Engineering


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Why Hire Emray

Our approach to design, creation, and installation consistently leads to excellent results. We’re proficient with a range of materials, including various woods, laminates, concrete, and stone. We’re also flexible and responsive to your needs. For example, if you don’t require us to create custom millwork, we can provide you with high-quality prefabricated products. We’ve established a relationship with respected, well-known brands. All of our work is characterized by accuracy, thoughtfulness, and creativity. We embrace challenges and love to come up with innovative solutions for your commercial space. As our client, you’ll benefit from the quality of our work and from our respectful attitude. We offer competitive pricing, and we always prioritize your needs and preferences.